Fancy Letter M

  • 𝓜
  • 𝓶
  • 𝕸
  • 𝖒
  • 🅼
  • 🄼
  • 🄜
  • ʍ
  • ḿ
  • Μ
  • W
  • ɯ
  • ḿ
  • ա
  • պ
  • м
  • Ӎ
  • ӎ
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Click on any Letter M to copy, the letter will be copied to your clipboard.

Fancy letter M is the best and unique collection of the letter m in different fonts, letter m fonts, different fonts for the letter m and fancy m font with simply click on any fancy letter M copy and paste anywhere you want. These fancy m fonts A can be used almost anywhere you want like your facebook and instagram bios, google docs, powerpoint presentations, gaming nicknames, birthday wishes, etc.

Copy And Paste Unicode And Html Codes For Cool Letter M

The fancy m is a fancy font that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the m in different fonts along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal), Css code, Alt code and Unicode.

M Letter Name Unicode Alt Code Css Code Dec Code Hex Code
𝓜 Mathematical Bold Script Capital M U+1D4DC 120028 \1D4DC &#120028 &#x1D4DC
𝓶 Mathematical Bold Script Small M U+1D4F6 120054 \1D4F6 &#120054 &#x1D4F6
𝕸 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital M U+1D578 120184 \1D578 &#120184 &#x1D578
𝖒 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small M U+1D592 120210 \1D592 &#120210 &#x1D592
🅼 Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter M U+1F17C 127356 \1F17C &#127356 &#x1F17C
🄼 Squared Latin Capital Letter M U+1F13C 127292 \1F13C &#127292 &#x1F13C
Circled Latin Capital Letter M Emoji U+24C2 9410 \24C2 &#9410 &#x24C2
Circled Latin Small Letter M U+24DC 9436 \24DC &#9436 &#x24DC
Parenthesized Latin Small Letter M U+24A8 9384 \24A8 &#9384 &#x24A8
🄜 Parenthesized Latin Capital Letter M U+1F11C 127260 \1F11C &#127260 &#x1F11C
Yi Syllable Py U+A052 41042 \A052 &#41042 &#xA052
Script Capital M U+2133 8499 \2133 &#8499 &#x2133
ʍ Latin Small Letter Turned W U+028D 653 \028D &#653 &#x028D
Latin Small Letter M with Palatal Hook U+1D86 7558 \1D86 &#7558 &#x1D86
Latin Capital Letter M with Acute U+1E3E 7742 \1E3E &#7742 &#x1E3E
ḿ Latin Small Letter M with Acute U+1E3F 7743 \1E3F &#7743 &#x1E3F
Virgo Emoji U+264D 9805 \264D &#9805 &#x264D
Canadian Syllabics Carrier Go U+15F0 5616 \15F0 &#5616 &#x15F0
Canadian Syllabics Carrier Cho U+1662 5730 \1662 &#5730 &#x1662
Ideograph claw, nail, talon; animal feet CJK U+722A 29226 \722A &#29226 &#x722A
Scorpius Emoji U+264F 9807 \264F &#9807 &#x264F
Mill Sign U+20A5 8357 \20A5 &#8357 &#x20A5
Ethiopic Syllable Tha U+1320 4896 \1320 &#4896 &#x1320
Runic Letter Ehwaz Eh E U+16D6 5846 \16D6 &#5846 &#x16D6
Μ Greek Capital Letter Mu U+039C 924 \039C &#924 &#x039C
W Latin Capital Letter W U+0057 87 \0057 &#87 &#x0057
ɯ Latin Small Letter Turned M U+026F 623 \026F &#623 &#x026F
Georgian Letter On U+10DD 4317 \10DD &#4317 &#x10DD
Georgian Letter Rae U+10E0 4320 \10E0 &#4320 &#x10E0
Latin Capital Letter M with Acute U+1E3E 7742 \1E3E &#7742 &#x1E3E
ḿ Latin Small Letter M with Acute U+1E3F 7743 \1E3F &#7743 &#x1E3F
Latin Capital Letter M with Dot Above U+1E40 7744 \1E40 &#7744 &#x1E40
Latin Small Letter M with Dot Above U+1E41 7745 \1E41 &#7745 &#x1E41
Latin Capital Letter M with Dot Below U+1E42 7746 \1E42 &#7746 &#x1E42
Latin Small Letter M with Dot Below U+1E43 7747 \1E43 &#7747 &#x1E43
ա Armenian Small Letter Ayb U+0561 1377 \0561 &#1377 &#x0561
պ Armenian Small Letter Peh U+057A 1402 \057A &#1402 &#x057A
м Cyrillic Small Letter Em U+043C 1084 \043C &#1084 &#x043C
Ӎ Cyrillic Capital Letter Em with Tail U+04CD 1229 \04CD &#1229 &#x04CD
ӎ Cyrillic Small Letter Em with Tail U+04CE 1230 \04CE &#1230 &#x04CE

How to type Cursive letter M using ALT code ?

Here are the instructions for a variety of ways to use ALT codes for insert required calligraphy fancy musing a keyboard in Microsoft Windows. These methods to insert specific symbols andcharacters using ALT codes are compatible with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel andPowerPoint.

STEP 1. Make sure that your keyboard has numeric keypad.
STEP 2. Verify that the numerickeypad is activated through pressing the Num Lock key. Itwill turn on the Num Lock's light source signalling that the numeric keypad is turnedon.
STEP 3. Place your cursor on the location where you wish to insert the letteryou want.
STEP 4. Press and hold down the ALT key on theleft of your keyboard.
STEP 5. On the numeric keypad enter in the numbers 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 + 8.
STEP 6. Release theALT key.
STEP 7. The particular letter will be displayedin the cursor's position.

How to add Cursive letter M in HTML ?

Below are instructions for several ways to utilize HTML codes, such as hexadecimal anddecimal codes for inserting fancy letter M using the keyboard in Microsoft Windows. Thesemethods for inserting specific symbols and characters with HTML codes work withMicrosoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

STEP 1. To add special characters in HTML, type ampersand & +pound symbol #.
STEP 2. Then type number of the code1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 + 8.
STEP 3. End codewith a semicolon ;.
STEP 4. The letter you want willappear in the cursor's position.

Similar instructions if you want to add letter using Unicode.

How to add Cursive letter M in CSS ?

In order to display the Cursive letter M using CSS, you can make use of an CSSshortcode, or CSS entity. Utilize the shortcode, copy the CSS entity code to displaythis Cursive letter M. You are able to add content :before or after anelement, like this.

content: ' \1D4DC';

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